The beginning of the end seems to have stalled a little in its efforts to drag down the world we know of as the SGWL. The 5th season showed little promise and saw hopes of growth die out with the appearance of the evil known as Starcraft. Even the greats such as Stalin, Mystwalker, and Cmon seemed to have given up hope in their birth league. Their games decreased by almost 4/5ths of the 4th SGWL season. This gave light to the not-so-good players to emerge and prove themselves worthy of the SGWL family. The few members that remained playing did it cause they loved the game and their home league. While Starcraft and now Brood Wars tear into the SGWL's lifeblood of players. Though the 6th SGWL season showed some promise for the future, and with the warcraft2 world on the verge of Warcraft Platinum's release, the outlook is good for this once strong league to thrive once more. Thus we must honor those that prospered in the past season and who we are here today to award with the...

Sixth Seasonal Awards

And now your host for this evening, the best there is, the best there was, and the best there ever will be....Santa Cla...errr sorry it's only here we go....Crowd: "hope this is over fast and painlessy."

The Obligatory Opening Monologue
First off a call for help again is needed from myself and the rest of the SGGL staff: Eldo made this announcement at the beginning of the 4th sgwl seasonal awards...well I had found Zeek, I played a game with him, but now he seems to have disappeared again. So please if anyone has seem or heard from him recently, please let us know...We are beginning to worry again.....

I wanna thank Zot, Mug, and Ohwrd as usual and also Oddessey for succeding Stalin as Leaguemaster. Though he may not have had 24-7 worth of time to put into the SGWL, none of us do. So thanx to everyone who played this season and who made this season possible!!

And now onto what you folks have been waiting for...the main attraction is about to start...

But first a word from our sponsor...
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We now regrettably return you to our regularly scheduled programming...
The Coolness Awards
Ok, these next few awards are for contributions to the league that don't have anything to do with Warcraft 2, but are still deserving of special recognition. In other words, they're kinda cool :) This season Zot has relingquished the role of choosing the winners of the Coolness Awards, so I will be taking them over...

Coolest New Clan Name

Discounting the very deserving clan names that ran over from the previous seasons, of course:
The Pit Bull Asylum   
The defending champ gets this award from me again. Taking the bad side of things and making it into something good and funny.
The Emperor's Legacy   
Honourable Mention
Kinda like it's Odd's own little medieval war2 story.
Damage Inc.   
Honourable Mention
A union of force, fear, and business.

Coolest Clan Motto

The most memorable, humorous, and original lines from the past season:
Damage Inc.   
"We leave bloody corpses, violated sheep, and women wanting more" This one just frighten me, yet I laugh every time I read it!!
Honourable Mention
"We're not Immortal anymore, but we're still gonna kick your ass.." Straight to the point and Dead True!
The Specialty Awards

The Generalist Awards

- This one goes to the player most dedicated to playing the unpopular maps/res...OR just to the player who isn't the best and so plays anything with a hope of grabbing this prestigious award. And this seasons winners are...

The Pit Bull Awards

These SGWLers have and should earn everyone's respect. They play for the fun of playing, they don't care about losing...or at least don't show it. These three members play for the sole reason of the game...FUN...This season's Pit Bulls are....

The Warcraft Addict Awards

- sponsored once again by the Betty Ford clinic -

This one is given to the person who outright just plays war2 in life...not worrying about school, work, parents, families, or even the Chia Pet...They just play warcraft. This seasons WA (warcraft anonymous) members are....

The Best Win Percentage Awards

This award is given to the players who just seem to not be able to lose...they try and try but unfortuanately always seem to win, or it just goes to the person who can cheat the best and get away with it. This season the players who amassed the most impressive winning percentages are...  
Most Valuable Players
These are the ones you wish you had in your clan. They remained loyal, kept playing, kept winning, and racked up more clan points by themselves than some entire clans had put together. Presenting the one-man-armies of the SGWL:  
Divisional Champions
These awards are granted on the basis of the best seasonal score in each division. These represent the players with the best overall combination of earned points, win/loss ratio and generalist rating for each division: hard-earned awards in every case.

Division A

Division B

Division C

Global Domination
They will fight on the seas and oceans...shed blood across grasslands and mountains...drag themselves across any land just for that one victory...they are the clans we immortalize and always remember...

And now we come to the stuff folks have been fighting for: in the battle for global domination these are the SGWL's 6th-season world powers:

And now to acknowledge the 6th-Season Warlords - the Great Ones of the SGWL: Honourable Mentions are also due to the others in the top 5:  
Sportsman of the Season
There goes my Hero, watch him as he goes...

The nice guy award :) The nominees are some of the nicest people on kali, and zot and the staff are proud to have them in this league. Note that activity really doesn't enter into this award, its the quality of the person, not the games.

Previous titleholders are not eligible for this award.
Hercules and Monster C   
Both Chip (Hercules) and Scott (Monster C) were very active members in this SGWL season along with being great guys on kali. Both have been trying to revive the SGWL during this season and their efforts seem to be paying off a little. Congrats Guys!!

Well as it is we have reached the end of the 6th seasonal awards and the end of my 2nd sgwl awards ceremony. I hope you didn't get too sick of the dry humor and bad jokes, and that you enjoyed our time together here........BAH this ain't the real me..... If you didn't like it then TOO BAD!! Cya kali folks until next time!!! I'm outta here!!!!!!!!!!!!