Fifth Seasonal Awards


The Scene: A distant barren planet.  A small, beat up human base stands alone in a cornered canyon.


Song #2 by Blur kicks on and millions of Zerg swarm the human base, killing almost all in sight.

A few human survivors get out by air transport and await the day in which they can defeat the Zerg powers.

Elvis's Babbling
Well, the scene above best explains this past SGWL season.  The 5th season was filled with a very few active members and a bunch of warcraft players leaving SGWL for the land of Starcraft.

First I would like to start out by thanking the Super Human Zot for keeping SGWL rolling cause a few of us still live in it.  I'd also like to thank those players who kept SGWL going by playing each other over and over again.

Ok lets get started...In case you didn't know, I am Elvis; no not the fat drug addict singer, but rather a mere college student taking over for Eldo on these awards.  The SGGL is amidst great changes....I recently opened SGTL and Bob and Stalin both stepped down as leaguemasters of their respected leagues.   Frus has taking the SGSL reins, and the SGWL is still in its changeover with more news to come.  Both SGSL and SGWL need a good kick in the pants though to get some more gaming being played.  Hopefully the new leaguemasters can do it.

Well that's enough for my first let's get this show on the road!

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Ok well now let's get this underway....The exits are at the front and rear of the vehicle, please fasten your seatbelts and hold on because you are on a one-way trip to the SGWL 5th Seasonal Awards......................
The Coolness Awards
Zot here.  Apparently it falls to me yet again to separate the cool from the uncool - the clever from the catastrophic - the witty from the woeful.  It is a duty which I fulfil with evil relish. And chaotic mustard.

Coolest New Clan Name

As usual, arbitrary and capricious - of all our original and cool names, these were the ones which struck me in the right way:  
The Specialty Awards

The Generalist Awards

a.k.a. the 'I can win on anything and have' award...

Generalists play all maps, all resources...and win on them.   Though sometimes hard to get a game with them, sorry people, they earned the bragging rights that come along with being the Gen% Champ.

The Pit Bull Awards

I am renaming this award the 'hey it could be worse' award....I have great respect for all three of these players and hope they stay active in our leagues:

The Warcraft Addict Awards

a.k.a. the 'i've got little life so i can play warcraft all the time' award

and the winner is......DOH!

The Best Win Percentage Awards

...this is the 'he's too good to play' award  
Most Valuable Players

Division A

Division B

Division C

Divisional Champions
These awards are granted on the basis of the best seasonal score in each division. 

Division A

Division B

Division C

Global Domination
In the battle for global domination these are the SGWL's 5th-season world powers:

Division A

Division B

Division C

These are the best of the best in this season....the 'Great Ones' of the SGWL Honourable Mentions are also due to the others in the top 5:  
Good Sport of the Season
The 'hey you're one hell of a person and it's a good thing you're around!!' award.

These ppl were nominated by their peers and the winner was picked by a select group of SGGLers.  I would like to personally congratulate all that were nominated and especially this season's winner.  The SGWL 5th season Sportswoman of the season is:

Hiyas - Zot again, since I couldn't let Elvis have the last word. :-)  Thanks to Elvis for taking over these awards since I have very limited time these days... :-(  Also a big word of appreciation to the SGWL diehards - it's great to know that folks are still interested in the SGWL despite having been hurt so badly by the advent of SC.  Whether the league lasts for one more season or ten, know this:  you are the coolest crew of leaguites on the planet.

Happy gaming,
the Zotmeister