The Titanic

"Give me an EKG stat!!."

"We're gonna lose her!."

"She's flatlined!!"


Second Seasonal Awards

Estimated time of death....ThanksGiving 1998. Ironic isn't it? And what do we have to be thankful for?
Frustrated's Obligatory Introduction
We have to be thankful for the good times we had, the cool friends we made, and the great and often funny conversations we had.

For this we must ultimately thank Mugwump, zot, and Ohward (and that mysterious philo lizard guy).

This will be my first SGSL awards page. Most of you looking for humor will only find honesty on this day. Sorry to disappoint you.

I'm disappointed myself.

There is no reason that I can see to have let the great individuals that I mentioned above down the way we have

We abandonded them.

Our biggest enemy was ourselves. We all became such good friends that we desired to play more WITH each other than against each other. The competition died as we took our friendly factions to different leagues.

We have the founders of this league to thank for the friendships we have made

And we have only ourselves to blame for the eulogy I'm giving here to day. :)

But first a word from our sponser... 
Zot roll-ups!

They're not just for breakfast anymore!

The Coolness Awards

Most valuable players

The players that tried the hardest to keep this thing going

Coolest Clan Motto

The Specialty Awards

The Generalist Awards

- or: the "it's a good thing you're in the SGSL" awards -

These are the people that routinely load up the standings based on that little percentage that indicates the variety of maps and races players win on. They can win on anything, and have.

Anyway, this award goes to the person with the highest generalist rating on the season.

The Pit Bull Awards

These gentle folks kept losing but never gave up, embodying the spirit of the league by playing for fun without caring for their rank. We pay tribute to these members:  
Most Valuable Players (The other one)
These are the ones you wish you had in your clan. They remained loyal, kept playing, kept winning, and racked up more clan points by themselves than some entire clans had put together. Presenting the one-man-armies of the SGSL:

Division A

Division B

Division C

Divisional Champions
These awards are granted on the basis of the best seasonal score in each division. These represent the the players with the best overall combination of earned points, win/loss ratio and generalist rating for each division: hard-earned awards in every case.

Division A

Division B

Division C

Global Domination
This is what it's all about

And now we come to the stuff folks have been fighting for: in the battle for global domination these are the SGSL's world powers:

And now to acknowledge the 2nd-Season Warlords - the Great Ones of the SGSL (better known as the 'you never play' awards): No honorable mentions for the other lazy bumms in the top ten this season. :P

Sportsman of the year

The guy you always want on your team And there you have them, SGSL's second season award recipients.

This awards ceremony was not funny.