Welcome to the memorial site of the Solid Gold Gaming Leagues: in many minds, the best family of amateur leagues ever created.
In Brief

The Solid Gold Warcraft League opened in August of 1997 and ran for 18 months - six seasons. The league was founded by Zot and the software was designed and maintained by MugWump (of the KPUD Project) and Ohwrd.

In 1998 the Solid Gold Starcraft League and the Solid Gold Tetrinet league were founded and flourished briefly. Graphics for the new leagues were courtesy of Philo.

Each of these leagues could boast of members who were among the top players in the world.

The leagues were closed in January of 1999 due to low levels of activity.

This site is maintained to honour the leagues, keep the records of seasonal champions, and connect to the message board which is still available to the SGGL community.

Zot's closing speech is recorded here.
Hall of Fame